They [the assignments] were challenging but not overwhelming . . . the best part was that she [my daughter] needed very little guidance or help from me. This was a good method to encourage my daughter to write. -A homeschool mom 

A Time 2 Write has been a great help to me.  I just started taking lessons about a month ago and I have really enjoyed it.  I’ve learned a ton and it has been very enjoyable.  The assignments are really helpful and fun.  Abigail has been quick to respond and she has been a help not only with my writing assignments, but with proof reading other papers I do in my school.  -Idaho, age 13

I did A Time 2 Write for one year and learned a lot. I know my teacher very well and she is an excellent teacher.  -Texas, age 12

I’ve really liked using A Time To Write Program. It encourages me in my writing, and is very convenient to use over email. I think that my writing skills have improved with the program. I can ask my coach any question during the week, and I will get almost instant feedback.  -Kansas, age 13

I enjoyed A Time 2 Write.  I loved creating my character in the ‘character chart.’  My teacher was laid back and relaxed if I didn’t have time one week I could get it done the next.  -Ohio, age 15

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