16-year-old Hadassah is a sweet, absentminded MK – and a camp counselor for two weeks. Her summer dreams are as big as the Montana sky. Hadassah’s ambition is to the truth about Jesus with her campers but in another corner of her heart she longs to make a true, lifelong friend. Her desires clash and bring her trouble she never planned on, friendships never imagined and ministry not anticipated. Purchase One Summer's Desire.

Charlotte is not thrilled with her father when he sends her and her two sisters to spend Christmas with relatives in Argentina. Little does she know of the adventure, danger, and espionage that await her and her sisters. Charlotte despairs that she will ever be able to mend her relationship with her father. Clara is convinced that she will never be able to marry the man of her dreams. Constance is determined to keep her beloved horse. Will Charlotte and her sisters escape the clutches of the outlaw gauchos trying to destroy them and their family? Will Charlotte be able to maintain her hope in the Lord in the midst of hopeless circumstances? Purchase Charlotte's Hope.

13-year old Abby Nelson is home alone babysitting her five younger siblings when a tornado hits her home. Facing danger at every turn, Abby must find a way to free her trapped siblings and find her parents, who she fears might not have survived. But for Abby, the greatest storm of all is within. She struggles to understand why God would allow so many bad things to happen to her. Will Abby learn to trust God in the midst of life’s storms, or will her faith be destroyed like her home? Purchase Faith in the Fury.

If a book is well-written, I always find it too short. -Jane Austen

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