January 14, 2016

Stats aren't always boring, so I took a throwback and wanted to share my five most popular posts from 2015. As you can see, the A Time 2 Write blog is by no means a solo show. Thank you to everyone who contributed this year with artwork, photography, interviews, guest posts and, of course, your time. Because of you, blogging is a delight.

1. 5 Steps to Add Life to the Mundane (Plus a Succulent Tutorial) 

My sister Andrea put the simple charm of the little things into words and, turns out, you all loved this post just as much as I did! 

I hope Millie Keith fans will be finding this post for years to come. I'm still lost in wonder at the story behind the story of this entrancing series. A Time 2 Write is honored to have this in the archives. Thanks, Kersten! 

Speaking of cool backstories, have you read about the journey we took to write our novel Charlotte's Hope? It had some plot twists of its own.  

The fourth most popular post this year was my interview with Jenny Bravo back in May. I've learned a lot about writing and Indie publishing from Jenny (I love her “Easter egg” concept).  

5. Five Ways to Make A Writer's Day

This post is solely inspired by YOU, dear readers. 

What a year of growing for A Time 2 Write. I'm excited for all the blogging adventures of 2016. 


  1. Out of the five most popular posts of this year, I'd have to say my favorite one was the Kersten Hamilton interview. It was really fun learning more about the Millie books. : )
    I also enjoyed the story behind "Charlotte's Hope".
    Thanks for sharing, Abigail! : )

    1. Thank you! Those were definitely some of my personal favorites too. :)

    2. Oh, I also really enjoyed the "Charlotte's Hope" quiz. That was so much fun! :) Maybe sometime you'll consider doing a "One Summer's Desire" quiz? :)

    3. Thanks, Rebekah! I will definitely consider doing a "One Summer's Desire" quiz!


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