August 3, 2015

In the charming town of Newton, Kansas on June 27th, Charlotte's Hope history was made. Only a few miles away from where this book was originally brainstormed and written, a copy was signed by all three of the authors for the very first time.  

We signed in our signature colors with our author nicknames and smiley faces below. Read the story behind Charlotte's Hope.

Faith and Life bookstore graciously hosted our celebration of all the work and fun put into this story.  

A few days before the book signing, I made an undercover visit to the bookstore to find this on a bookshelf. How cool?!  

The day arrived and we had chocolate chip cookies . . . 

And bookmarks . . .

We so enjoyed the stream of friends and families coming out to support us. Thank you, all! 

My amazing friends drove 3 hours from Kansas City to surprise me!  They had a Charlotte's Hope poster and everything. 

And perhaps the very best part was reminiscing together.

It also worked out to have an afterglow "writer's meeting" at Ashlyn's farmhouse.

Ashlyn, Jana & Abi

Thanks again for all the support!

Ask us personally for a book on stock or order off Amazon.

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