August 8, 2015

A 2010 photo shoot with my sisters, featuring some of our favorite books! :)
I loved the character Elsie Dinsmore. She was rich, beautiful, sensitive . . . but rather too perfect to be true. I was about 12 when my best friend urged me to read the series about Elsie's cousin Millie. I gave it a try and have been incredibly blessed by the series ever since.
Millie and I have a lot in common. She is the oldest of eight too and she struggles with everything from trusting God to wanting to pinch her little brother when he is annoying. Millie learns to see life as an exciting adventure in trusting God and sharing her faith in Jesus. Her father encourages her to practice I Corinthians 13 love on her friends, family and even her enemies. The books are geared for 10-15-year olds but I know several girls (inducing myself) who still enjoy reading them in our 20s. 

I really can't say enough good things about this 8-book series without fainting with excitement so I enlisted a few of my friends to share their thoughts. (But I am working my way through reviewing each of the Millie books on Goodreads).

"The Millie books are my absolute favorite books of all time! They made me laugh out loud but even more importantly, I felt as though I was strengthened in my faith through Millie's example. Now, as a writer, the Millie books still influence me in my own writing, and I look forward to reading the Millie books to my own children!" 

"The Millie books were placed in my hands at just the right stage of life... I was a young teenage girl who needed to be inspired in my faith. And that's exactly what Millie did. The strength of character, love of God, and desire to do what is right that is portrayed in Millie encouraged and uplifted me. The Millie books are timeless, whether you are a 13-year-old-girl who wants to know what living a faith-driven life looks like or a 20-year-old searching for adventure right where she is. These books are good for every season of life."

"I love Millie because she’s kind of a picture of what I would like to be and because she’s not your typical ‘perfect’ heroine. Those around her are not perfect either. I love it how she goes through everyday struggles that every girl goes through. I guess the real reason why I like her is because I can relate to her." 

"The Millie Keith series is one that I ended up loving when I first read it around twelve or thirteen. I loved the endearing characters (especially Cyril, Millie's little brother! He was just so fun...), smiled at the wholesome romance, and enjoyed some of the escapades that Millie went on - from moving to Pleasant Plains, Indiana, to surviving a horrible epidemic, to falling for the dashing Charles Landreth. I highly recommend this series for younger girls looking for clean stories that are Christ-centered, weaving together faith, a dash of romance, and adventure." 

Martha Finely first came up with the characters in the 1800s but there is another hero behind this well-loved, purple-covered series. I'm super excited to host Kersten Hamilton on my blog next week  -- the mastermind behind the adapted Millie books

Join us next week (and bring other Millie fans) for an exclusive interview with Kersten Hamilton to find out about the adaption process, a deleted scene and how these books almost didn't happen.

What do you love best about the Millie Keith books?  


  1. Thanks for including me, Abigail! I am looking forward to seeing the interview... :)


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