May 20, 2015
Good morning! Today is the day I'm sharing my new book cover with you. 

I reveled in every step of this cover-building process from brainstorming with my sisters, constructing a secret Pinterest board, and meeting my cover designer at a coffee shop for $1-any-size-drinks. What's not to love about that process?! Special thanks to my friend Georgia Neukom for her design and artwork! She was awesome to work with--springing off of my vision but also using her own creative license to dream this up. The cover captures the story, as you'll see when you read it. Thanks again, Georgia!

Book Blurb:
16-year-old Hadassah is a sweet, absentminded MK – and a camp counselor for two weeks. Her summer dreams are as big as the Montana sky. Hadassah’s ambition is to share the truth about Jesus with her campers but in another corner of her heart she longs to make a true, lifelong friend. Her desires clash and bring her trouble she never planned on, friendships never imagined and a ministry not anticipated. COMING SOON! The 2nd edition of One Summer's Desire will be available by June 5, 2015


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