May 9, 2015

Please give a special welcome to Andrea who is visiting the A Time 2 Write blog today. She is the reason I have a succulent plant in my windowsill! 

I like sprinkles on my cupcakes, vanilla in my chai latte, a rainbow after the storm and I'm a firm believer in painting your nails. If you're ever having a rough time, just try adding a bonus of beauty to the day. Here are five easy steps to add some bling to your normal real life.

Step One: Drink Tea.

I'm serious. Buy yummy flavors, brew it up, drink it late at night when you're studying, take it out to the garden with you, carry it around everywhere. It might taste like grass warmed up in the microwave, but the idea is a good one. Every heroine in every classic literature book ever drinks tea. It's important. It will also look great in your Instagram pictures. Just don't burn your tongue.

Step Two: Listen to Music. Often. 

My favorite genre right now is Christmas music, but that changes... often. My house is full of music--my sister practicing her violin, my brother playing guitar, someone's Pandora, my Pandora, my Pandora trying to be louder than everything else's. Music is just nice. Enough said. 

Step Three: Clean Stuff.

I wish I was joking, but I'm still working on this one. It's important though. It's hard to have a nice day when you have to deal with your stuff scattered everywhere and your favorite mug is in the dirty dishes. I mean, what a downer. Case in point: 

Step Four: Be Positive. (I.e. Be a Giver of Life). 

Yeah, I know, we've all read one to many 'inspirational posts' on having a positive life. It's a burned over subject and I've noticed that the majority of people I interact with, from my coworkers to the check-out girl at the grocery, are wallowing in a sea of negativity. It's exhausting trying to turn what they said into something positive. These articles aren't working. Here's the thing, my joy doesn't come from me, it comes from Christ working in me. What fills you is what controls you. Spend time in the word of God and in the presence of your Lord, and life-giving words will start flowing out of you. "The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart." - Luke 6:45

Step Five: Grow Things.

Grow flowers, grow friendships, grow your hair out, grow vegetables; just make sure you have a thriving life. Most importantly, grow in your walk with God. Stagnant anything is just yuck. 

To demonstrate how amazing growth is, I have incorporated a free planting tutorial into this post. You are so welcome. 

Start with something easy. Like succulents. Basically, if I can keep them alive then anyone can. I've almost killed my poor little one at work twice and my coworker had to save it. I'm really trying to learn though. So, first of all, get some little plants!

Check out Walmart, Lowes, or if you're cool - the farmer's market. Anywhere is great. Acquire these little plants any way you can and make an arrangement that pleases you. Find a pot that works. I found a bowl I loved at World Market but it was too small. It was a sad moment of imagination meeting reality. Creativity takes work, though so then I went to Marshals (I have a secret addiction to shopping at Marshals… haha, only now the secret is out) and I found this great rectangular cement dish. Yes, please! 

The rest is history. I put some rocks in the bottom, threw some special succulent planting dirt in my dish and situated everyone into their new home. Ta-da! A beautiful thriving mini garden to look at while I study.

So there you have it--five ways to add an extra spring to your step and a little bit of life to the mundane things. Now I'm off to clean my room while looking at my succulents, listening to music, and drinking peppermint tea while hopefully not burning my tongue. It's a good life! 

I’m always looking for new ways to beautify normalcy. Do you have the idea of the year? Share it with me in the comments!

I’m Andrea. Labeled, I am a college junior, full time bank teller and a secret agent wannabe. I’m busy rocking my last year of being a teenager. I can make messy buns when I’m not trying and sometimes I make funny jokes. I like drinking coffee and writing lists. I have too many shoes and I eat chocolate every day. My life is about serving my God, sanctification and learning to live by faith alone.

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  1. You are so adorable Andrea! Love your writing:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This post made me very very happy- and added a spark of beauty to my day!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog through goodreads and am enjoying it immensely. It is always nice to meet fellow christian homeschool grads and writers! I hope we can be blogging buddies.

    I have to say a big AMEN to every point in this post. Particularly number one. I discovered the joy of tea while on a trip to the UK a couple months ago. Since I returned home, I've been absolutely hooked. It is like drinking relaxation!

    1. Susanna,

      Thanks so much for the comment! I'm delighted that you are enjoying my blog.

      I just hopped over to your blog and am excited about exploring it. I'd love to be blogging buddies! :)

      Thanks again,

  4. Amazed by your post. Loved it, Keep inspiring!

  5. Started with a single plant. Now after retirement have mad a whole huge garden that is keeping me busy. I love it and it is relaxing to do things on your own.


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