March 28, 2015
Do you want to know a secret?

It's fairly easy to make even the most rigid writer's day.

This post has nothing to do with constructive criticism, retweets, rave reviews, social media shout outs, or book sales. Those are all splendid, but this is about speaking from your heart to the writer in your life that you want to see smile.

 1. Quote her Book.

Ready to watch an author's eyes light up? Quote a line of humor or wit from her fiction in an every day conversation with her. Sneak in a word-for-word line of her character's dialogue. You won't even need to cite it or use air quotes -- she'll know where you found it and smile like you presented a bouquet.  

2. Obsess About and Dissect Her Plot & Characters with Her

Raise your hand if you like to discuss the plot of The Lord of the Rings or maybe Pride and Prejudice. Yes, of course. When you show that you noticed an intricate subplot or character's subtle ulterior motive -- you have just put her book on a "discussion worthy" pedestal. If you're in her inner circle, you can even help her create the plot twists of her Work in Progress. Her storyline is a subject she'll talk about for hours, and nothing means more than when you delve into that world with her.

3.  Bring her Coffee

Writers are busy, and most do not have the luxury of devoting the 8-5 to their beloved literary project. It takes a lot of discipline to just sit down and write and sacrifices must happen. Often, it's sleep that goes out the window. Coffee just might give her the boost to finally land on the perfect word for that sentence or to put the extra pizzazz in a scene.

4. Nag about a Sequel

She might roll her eyes and say, "Oh honestly. I'm done with those characters." But keep nagging. She's secretly flattered that you would care about a sequel. And, as a bonus, she just might write one.

5. Share How you Stayed up Late to read Her Book  

Certainly don't tell a lie, but if you arrived late to work because you stayed up reading her book? Tell her. Were you not able to put it down on the plane and thus got airsick? Tell her. Did you cry in chapter 13? Tell her. Did you think about the ins and outs of the plot to pass the time at work? Tell her. Did you laugh out loud? Tell her.
Writers glow with praise and encouragement and will run back to the keyboard. Even the best writers don't always fully believe they are good at what they are devoting so much time to -- so when you miss a few hours of sleep to finish that novel, that's when they know they're doing something right.

And that, dear writing supporters, is how you can make a writer's day. 

This post is dedicated to all my friends and family who have done exactly that. Thank you. 

Abigail Prigge
Writing Coach 


  1. Yep, all five of those are dead-on...I have a cousin who sometimes quotes my books to me. ;) And that same cousin helps me with my plot twists and characters. She has never brought me coffee, but she "nags" me about sequels all. the. time. And because of her, I think I actually will start a sequel or maybe even a series one of these days. :D

  2. I'm so glad these resonated with another writer! :) Thank you for leaving a comment.


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