February 25, 2015
When your 10-year-old brother sails into your bedroom with a fresh notebook and declares, "Abi, I want to write a book" that's when you know you have achieved a new level of coolness as a big sister.

And from a teacher's perspective, I'm also feeling the coolness. Because he was the kid who firmly believed writing wasn't important. In his opinion, it was pure torture for a strapping young man to accomplish his copy work.

As I asked him questions about his budding plot and characters (think dragons, cabins, attacks) I realized again what a gift creative writing can be.

When a 10-year-old wants to write a book . . .

1. He is practicing his spelling (shh, don't tell him)
2. He is improving his handwriting (score!)
3. He is using his imagination (watch it soar)
4. He is enjoying himself (hey, it's not school!)
5. He is obtaining storytelling experience (priceless communication skills)
6. He is gaining incentive to read other stories (oh the adventures that await)
7. He is learning that writing isn't all bad (maybe one day writing those history paragraphs will be fun?!)

I don't know how long this venture is going to last, but he's still sprawled out on my floor . . . periodically asking me to spell things for him. Excuse me as I spell the word "viking" for him. I can tell it's going to be a good story.

I love life as a writing coach.

Abigail Prigge
Writing Coach 


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