December 6, 2014

At the risk of becoming self-conscience next time I use them . . . I’m sharing with you the Top Ten Words Trending in my Vocabulary. I love the sound, the rhythm, the spelling and the inflection each word offers.

  1. Entourage – a fancy way to say my "back-up crew." 
  2. Pizzazz – it just bedazzles right of the page, does it not?
  3. Steeling – one of my writing students taught me this one--a synonym for "bracing."
  4. Teem – you won’t have to look far into my writing works to find this word!
  5. Epitome – I love how it looks on the page and how it rolls off my tongue, and even better, the definition lends itself to many conversations.
  6. Whimsical – it sounds dreamily like its definition.
  7. Bizarre – it’s my go-to when something crazy and unexpected happens.
  8. Livid – such a classy word to express anger.
  9. Ironic – how many times has irony surprised, delighted and confused me? Not enough times to say this word as much as I would like. 
  10. Ostentatious – it means “showy.” In my opinion, the word itself shows off.


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