December 20, 2014

After 7 years in-the-making, A Time 2 Write is pleased to announce a new book release -- Charlotte's Hope by Abigail Prigge, Ashlyn Busenitz and Jana Busenitz.

Charlotte is none too thrilled with her father when he sends her and her two sisters to spend Christmas with relatives in Argentina. Little does she know of the adventure, danger, and espionage that await her and her sisters, Clara and Constance. Neither does she expect to have her faith in the Lord tested like never before. Charlotte despairs that she will ever be able to mend her relationship with her father. Clara is convinced that she will never be able to marry the man of her dreams. Constance is determined to keep her beloved horse. Will Charlotte and her sisters escape the clutches of the outlaw gauchos trying to destroy them and their family? Will Charlotte be able to maintain her hope in the Lord in the midst of hopeless circumstances?

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How did it work to have THREE teenage girls write one book? Read the behind-the-scenes story here and an interview with the three authors here.

We hope you'll grow to love Charlotte as much as we do, and for now, please enjoy an excerpt from this exotic, heartwarming adventure!
       Charlotte Rosewood thundered up the steps to the main deck of her father’s ship, the Annabelle.
       KABOOM!  The Annabelle shook as her cannon fired. 14-year old Charlotte glared through the smoke at the black-and-white flag waving above the pirate ship that had pinned them in a cove. 
       I can’t sit idly in my cabin while my mother’s namesake is blown to bits! Charlotte’s eyes drifted to the sails. So gallant and free. I’ve got to help somehow!
       A ball of fire from the pirate’s ship seared through the air. Charlotte threw herself to the deck as it exploded above her. Pieces of burning sail and splintered wood fell around her. Her ears rang.
       "Fire in the sails!" Sailors dashed for the water barrels.
Charlotte brushed embers from her skirts and swept up a bucket full of water from the barrel next to her. She thrust it into the hands of a sailor.
       "We need more buckets!" he yelled. "Hurry!"
       "Where?" Charlotte caught sight of a loose bucket on the forecastle deck and raced for it. Sailors crowded the steps, and Charlotte was knocked aside. She lost her balance and landed on a coil of rope.
       A hand gripped her shoulder. "Charlotte.”
Charlotte jumped. It was a deep, husky voice she knew well. A tall man in a captain's uniform towered above her. She gulped.
       "Yes Father?"
       His dark brows knit together, and he yanked her up. "What do you think you are doing?"
       "I was trying to help." As soon as the words left her mouth, Charlotte realized how foolish they sounded. What had possessed her to come up here? Charlotte suddenly felt very small. Humiliation flooded her face. Her hands trembled.
       A piercing shriek ended with a splash right next to the ship. The captain stepped in front of Charlotte as water gushed over the rail and drenched them.
       Charlotte’s father gripped her arm, hard. Something flickered in his dark eyes. Charlotte would have thought it was fear if she hadn’t known that fear was foreign to Captain John Rosewood.      Charlotte blinked and the look was gone. "I told you to stay below. You could be killed!"
       "Captain! Come quick, sir!" someone shouted.
       "Miles!" the Captain stopped a young sailor as he rushed past. "Take Charlotte below."
       Charlotte stiffened as pride singed her backbone. She might have been dumb coming up here, but she wasn’t invisible. Why couldn’t he ever just ask her nicely? I’m his daughter. But he orders me about like one of his men!
       Miles grasped her arm. She wanted to resist, but she bit back the angry retort on her lips and let Miles draw her through the crowd of sailors. She threw a glance over her shoulder, but flames shot up coils of rope and hid her father from view.
       She stumbled.
       An explosion whistled overhead.
       "Charlotte, look out!" Miles threw himself over her. She heard grapeshot batter the deck, and then Miles groaned.
       Charlotte sat up and looked at Miles. Blood gushed from his left hand. "Miles!" she gasped. Her stomach lurched.
       "Go! Get below!" Miles grimaced and clutched his hand.
       "Can I help you below too?" Charlotte said.
       "I think . . . you've helped enough."


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