December 9, 2014
A Time 2 Write: "Pieces of Learning"
It's winter again and since the sun slips behind the Bogus mountains early in the evening, it provides ample opportunities to surround myself with chamomile tea, shreds of paper, artsy tools, Pandora shuffling, Pinterest boards, funny sisters and a spring of creativity.

I dubbed this handmade card "Pieces of Learning."

If you would like a simple card-tutorial, read on!

 Your Supplies:
1. Collect notebook paper, map pages, a discard-able dictionary, music sheets, whatever strikes your fancy!
2. Use a square punch for a clean, consistent shape or freehand cut the squares with scissors.
3. Tear the edges of a cream-colored page and roll it up for the scroll-look.
4. Tie with twine. Use hot glue to fasten the scroll securely onto the card. Regular glue will work for the paper squares.
5. Hang your finished project in your room for decor or write a sweet note inside and hand-deliver!

Happy Card-Making!

Abigail Prigge
Writing Coach


  1. That is a really cute card!!! I shall have to try this sometime. :)


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